We know that making a decision to study abroad can be pretty hard

Therefore, we want to help you by giving you information that is based on our experience here in ISU.

In the conjunction of this information, ISSO (International Students and Scholars Office) has a better and more thorough checklist, which we would strongly encourage you to read. See ISSO Checklist

Disclaimer: Please do not only rely on this website due to the changes of regulation that may apply in any day

How do you get here?

We, PERMIAS Ames is offering you a pick up service from the Intermodal Station to any given destination you might have in mind (hotel/dorm/etc).

You can use Executive Express service to go to Intermodal from Des Moines Airport.

If you are interested in this service, please contact Eka Mahendra (mahendra[at]iastate[dot]edu) for further information.

Transportation Request


US Visa is important for you to get into the States legally.

Remember this before applying for a VISA:

  1. For students: Get your SEVIS done,you would need the receipt during your interview/VISA Processing
  2. Finance proof

Tips: Always, have your Passport, I-20 around when you are at a port of entry.

For current students: Before going travelling outside the States, there is a travel advisory seminar in the Iowa State University that I would recommend you to go. You should also check your I-20 and get a travel signature if necessary

For more questions, ISSO would be the best source for you to clarify your doubts. View ISSO Website

Iowa State University

For students, there would be an online check-in that you need to do during your orientation week.

ISSO website is for international students and I would recommend you to read it thoroughly because it contains most of the important message for incoming international students.

For general information of ISU, visit ISU website View Iowa State University website


Light International Fellowship

LIFE is a group of internationals and Americans who are here to encourage international students, immigrants, and residents.

Crossroad Baptist Church

Crossroad Baptist Church has a sunday service at 9.15am

Visit Crossroad Website


Cornerstone Church has a sunday service at 9am and 11am

Visit Cornerstone Website

International Friendship Connection

IFC is a fellowship of international students from all over the world and American friends who seek to care, welcome, serve and support international students, scholars, and their families. IFC is sponsored by Cornerstone Church of Ames

Visit Cornerstone Website

Muslim Student Association

MSA is a student organization in ISU. The link below will direct you to the website.

Visit MSA Website

MUDIKA (Muda-Mudi Katolik)

MUDIKA is a group of Indonesian Catholic community in Ames. We are here to support and encourage each other. So if you are interested in joining us, feel free to leave us your contact information. Thanks!

Saint Thomas Aquinas Church

St. Thomas Aquinas is a church and a Catholic Student center. The link below will direct you to the website.

Visit STA Website

Saint Cecilia Catholic Church

Saint Cecilia Catholic Church is a Roman Catholic community. The link below will direct you to the website.

Visit SCC Website

Hindu Yuva

Hindu Yuva is a student organization is ISU.

The objective of HIndu Yuva is to create opportunities for college communities, both students and faculty members, to understand and practice Hindu Dharma, the ancient way of life

The link below is for current ISU student and you can request to join into the club through the link provided.

Visit Hindu Yuva Website

Dizang-Qi Buddhism Club

Dizang-Qi Buddhism Club is for students who are interested in Buddhism cultivation.

Their cultivation is based on the basic theories of Dharma and Buddhism.

The link below is for current ISU student and you can request to join into the club through the link provided.

Visit Dizang-Qi Buddhism Website


As a student in ISU, you will have free access to Cyride. Cyride is a transporation system that is well maintained by the city of Ames.

For further information of its schedule, visit its website. Visit Cyride Website


Check the International Ambassador Scholarship. It is a really great opportunity to share your diversity to the ISU community and make use of your "friendliness" :) Visit Scholarship Website

Have a host family .. I get sad when I miss my family :(, i bet you too

Host Family

Al and Elaine are a lovely couple who did a missionary in Indonesia for more than 11 years. They would love to become your host parents during your study in ISU. Say Hi to them!

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